Sunday, December 21, 2008

White for Christmas?

I can't believe you other locals haven't blogged onto this yet...
Ok- so maybe it's not a big deal to those of you up North, or to those of you in the hills down South... but for us here in the OC (at least to me) it's still kinda neat.

Last week we got into quite a cold snap. It also rained quite a bit too. Science agreed with nature this time around and placed a nice coat of snow on Mt. Baldy and (even more rare) covered Saddleback quite a bit too. The temps have been cold enough all week so the snow is still quite low today.

Last I looked more rain is expected here tomorrow (Monday) and as an added bonus another system possibly in for Christmas. That should make a neat holiday for those with reservations in a remote mountain cabin (might not be good to be locked up too long with the inlaws tho). This is great news for the mountain communities that are reliant on the tourist industry and I could only imagine how happy the ski resorts are about this.

I just appreciate the view and I hope others can slow down a bit to take it in too.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Wayback Machine

The holidays make everyone appreciate family and friends. This last August most of us were fortunate to reconnect once again and re-live some of those stories and great moments growing up. I managed to dig out a bunch of photos for a quick visual trip back to those days.

I just got done posting them to a gallery so you can step through them again, and also share them with the ones that did not make the reunion. I figured it was safe now that we cant be prosecuted for most of the things we got into back then.

Gang Archives

Apologies for the quick and sloppy upload. For now they are in no particular order, not cropped neatly, not color adjusted, not particularly clean or void of scratches, and I also noted that apparently we had much more hair back then too.

It was neat going through them again. Those were fun times.
I am bummed that I a missing alot of pics. Hopefully I will find them and put them up with the these.

Enjoy, comment, share, continue the adventures.

Monday, December 1, 2008

T-Giving 08

Thanksgiving at our house is different than most others. It's not even at our house. This year it was out at a dusty little corner of the desert just a bit north of Joshua Tree and south of Johnson Valley. We had WAY too much food (as usual) deep fried a couple of turkeys, tossed some shoes, some watched football on the portable dish, but mostly enjoyed good friends and company.

The riding was a wide range between soft sand, rolling whoops on dirt trails, jagged granite shards that loved to bash skidplates (did not have any tire issues tho) and moon boulders that loved to get lodged under our bikes and lift all wheels off the ground so you have to get off and lift the bike over. It played minor havoc with the 3 wheelers and quads, and made the guys on bikes wish they were on something else.

It was good getting out again. The sweet air right after it rains is something you must breathe for yourself. We saw some neat stuff, played hard, got lost a few times, stayed up late around smoky fires, and nobody got hurt.

Can't complain about that at all.